>What a turnout!

>Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s  ‘Art Journal Every Day’ is a major hit!!

I want to follow the blogs of all the participants!!  She has, as of this moment, 209 people participating!! Acck!! My poor scattered little brain!! How can I possibly…

(Please, if anyone knows an easier way to keep up with a group of blogs,  I’d be thrilled if you would share it!)

What I’ve done,  was make a folder in Google Reader called “Balzeroligists”  *giggle* and I’m in the process of adding everyone that has a blog to that group. It’s quite a job, but I’ll get there.

For anyone not familar with Google Reader (it rules) here’s how I did it.

First of course, you need a Google acct *doesn’t everyone already have one?* and  to sign up for Reader.

I opened 2 windows or tabs (ok that’s a lie, I’ve always got multiple windows and tabs open) One with the list of participants  the other with Reader.

From the list, I opened the link I wanted to add.

 I highlight the address, and use ctrl+C to copy it to my clipboard.

Now, back to reader. In the upper left corner I click the add a subscription button, and paste the name of the link in the popup Then click add.

Next, under feed settings, I chose make a new, or select the folder to add it to.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Whoo hoo! I now have a folder in Google Reader with all of my  Balzeroligists grouped together!

I’ve got lots more to add. It’s been amazing, what a group of talented people!!  I’m in awe!

Hope this helps someone, now off to clean my Scrap Cave, and get some work done.

Thanks for popping by!

PS, I just refreshed the participants page, and in the time I started this little project there are now 211 people! Go Julie!


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