>Altered Items


I  should have taken a before picture of this. I’d picked it up at Target for cheap. It was pink and red and glittery. As much as I love pink and glitter, It wasn’t what I wanted for this. 
I used a little K&Co paper, some distress ink, a couple of velum butterflys, a bit of fiber. I’m much happier with it now.
These are a couple of tins. One is a mini Altoid container for me to carry an emergency dose of meds in. (Too many rushed mornings when I forget till I’m down the road.)

The other is a Godiva Chocolate Pearls tin. When I’m feeling flush, I’ll grab a tin at Michael’s checkout. (they aren’t cheap, but I justify it by altering the tins, great little gift items)  Of course I have to eat all the pearls before I can alter a tin. Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Hubby will use this one to carry his toothpicks in.
The K’s are small wooden letters, the paper by K&Co. Some edging that has been in my sewing box for over 25 years, and a bit of distress ink. I love making something out of nothing!

Tomorrow’s Monday. Good luck, have a good week!



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