>Back to my roots

> *Happy dance* I finally scrapped a couple of layouts. This first one didn’t end up exactly as planned.

I was at a crop (more about that another day). We sent out for Chinese Food. I was eatting and scrapping, ahh,,,heaven on earth.

I should have known better, I dropped a big ol’ piece of chop suey right on the photo! I tried to clean it off, but it smudged the photo. Determined to finish, I cut the flowers, added some watercolors cause the color wasn’t quite right. (It’s closer, but still not right,) I’ll go back and hit it with some acrylic paint, or try remixing some watercolors.
This is our little ritual, Hubby and I greet each other, when the other comes home, and Smokey always has to join in!

This next one was fun. I used a new Magnolia stamp that I popped up off the black pocket, there’s some priviate journaling on the tag that’s in the pocket. I’m too cheap to buy Copics, before I hit the lottery, so I used mostly watercolor with a touch of Sharpie and gel pen.

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she’ll take you to the Home Page.

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