>A brief story of Belle.


I’d like you to meet Sparky and Belle. 
Sparky was 3 mos old when we got Belle. She’s 8 weeks old in this picture. They were my pals for a lot of years.
They were buddies through and through. Belle sat by Sparky’s side while he healed from his broken leg. If you tripped over one, you tripped over both. Such sweet special pups, who are now both waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.
These two had great patience. 

They put up with a lot from me.

At the end of the day we were all good friends! That’s Trixie, a long haired chihuahua we rescued, in front of me, Belle on top, Sparky, and Seven our cat at my feet. (I’ve since gotten rid of the ugly couch)

Somewhere along the way, this photo: 
turned into this cartoon.

And that’s how my little Belle became my icon.
MMMM….I wonder if my new buddy, Smokey is jealous?

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she’ll take you to the Home Page.

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