Karma wasn’t so instant, but a fun page. I decided to change the face at the last minute and couldn’t quite match the paint. Oh well.

There were some leftovers from the journal pages I’d printed for my Ocean page. Waste not want not. 🙂

Collage, chipboard covered in stickles, google eyes on the dogs. lots of tangles, paint and other assorted techniques.

Another Wild Precious challenge!

Hubby says she looks like a character out of Westworld (old movie) or a badly done corpse . He’s right! Thanks to the course I’d taken at Big Picture Studios, I’m Embracing Imperfection. 😉

Thanks for stopping by.

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she’ll take you to the Home Page.

2 responses to “>Karma

  1. >This is great! Love the pugs. (of course hehe) Yes if I didn't have a hubby I would be an animal hoarder too.

  2. >Wow I love the journal pages. It's very fun and playful.

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