>Meet Saffy Safflower

>I ordered this print from  Etsy on May 6th, it arrived at my home on May 14th, and she traveled all the way across the ‘big pond’!!
Wow!! What service.

Customisable Art Print – Saffy Safflower

The print is gorgeous! The paper the crispness, you’ve got to see it to believe it!

I don’t know if we can explain what it is about a piece of art that calls to us. Saffy kept calling me back. I can’t tell you how many times I went back and looked at her before I hit the buy button.

After I ordered her, I was sorting some files in my computer. There she was…Saffy’s little sister, looking right at me.

Do you see the resemblance?

That’s a drawing done by my 5yo Granddaughter. It made me smile. (the hair was actually supposed to be dreadlocks). She’s a  little artist in the making.

So I love them both, and they will hang on my wall together.

I’d also ordered a couple of  Rosie’s printable collage sheets. She really does wonderful work! Maybe there’s something in her Etsy Store that will call to you.

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she’ll take you to the Home Page.

One response to “>Meet Saffy Safflower

  1. >Paula, thank you so much for the comliments and the positive feedback!I LOVE your grand-daughter's dreadlocks girl! Brilliant – and yes, I can see similarities!

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