>The Elements of Art Journaling

>Anyone who’s visited my blog before, knows how much I love Wild Precious Studio! It’s a mellow place that I go to learn, share and get inspiration. This is one of the pages that I did in response to a prompt at Wild Precious.

I know I’ve shared this before, I’m sharing again to let you know that Effie Wild, our (mostly) fearless leader is offering an e-course The Elements of  Art Journaling. Effie is a sweetie! She always comes up with wonderful prompts and ideas. She’s developed a community that is filled with support.

If you’d like more info about the e-course just click.

If not and you just need a safe place to connect with other journalers come on over an join in. I know I’,m glad I did!

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she’ll take you to the Home Page.

One response to “>The Elements of Art Journaling

  1. >Ha ha no need to ask if you want a freebie course then ;0) wouldn't it be fab to get a freebie I am very much looking forward to this and If I do the willowing one (£42) it finishes the week the other one begins (now will this be too much?) Nar 'cos you can go back any time and catch up woo hoo I am excitedLove Dawn xx

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