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>I love Prompts!

>I’ve combined a few prompts with this journal entry.

There’s CeeLo Green’s song F*ck You, done for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal It’s a little tough to read, on the right side is the line…although there’s pain in my chest, I still wish you the best, from the song. I love this song, and probably everyone who’s not living in a cave has heard it. I added the * for my sister. (*waving at Sue*)

Also Wild Precious week 2 of 52 weeks. The Prompt was Filter. The background included a lot of the techniques shown for Week 18 Wild Precious Art Journal

As you can see I’ve included a few Octopodes just for fun.

I’m so amazed, and greatful for all the wonderful artists out there sharing and teaching.
Thanks for stoppin’ bye!
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>A bunch of stuff!

>This page was done for a prompt at Wild Precious in combination with several prompts at Green Isles Crafts
I never know which way my brain is going to go. I just write the prompts down on a post-it and let things flow.

This one started as another for Wild Precious for stenciling. I wasn’t happy with it. I added a ton of paint. Used some potty paper tubes for stamps added a tad of this a tad of that.
Voila! An ATC background page! Which just happened to be another prompt. (always kill as many birds as you can with the same stone.)

In other news, Teesha from Green Isles Crafts, is giving away a scholarship for her most awesome workshop on how to make a Rustic Journal!!
  Click here to go to her blog for the details and watch a teaser video! Good luck!
Oh and BTW, no birds were harmed in the making of this post or pages. 😉
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>Walk a mile…


This page has been in the back of my mind for a while.  The background I’d done some time ago.  I just scribbled with a green watercolor crayon and washed over it. I inked with the punchinellia, and went over it all with a blueish Glimmer Mist.

Then I covered the whole thing up with shoes!! I’m sure you can tell that some of the letters are stickers, some were stamped, and just a tiny bit of my own handwriting!

The Rodney I’m referring to, of course, the infamous Rodney King.

PS I’d been searching everywhere for the  punchinellia, Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for. As did the lady at the florist, until the lightbulb in her head went on, and she realized what I was describing! Whoo hoo, took me a long time to locate it locally.

PPS for my brother and sister who may read this and still won’t know…. punchinellia, is sequin waste. it’s a piece of plastic ribbon that’s the left over after they punch out the sequins.

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Karma wasn’t so instant, but a fun page. I decided to change the face at the last minute and couldn’t quite match the paint. Oh well.

There were some leftovers from the journal pages I’d printed for my Ocean page. Waste not want not. 🙂

Collage, chipboard covered in stickles, google eyes on the dogs. lots of tangles, paint and other assorted techniques.

Another Wild Precious challenge!

Hubby says she looks like a character out of Westworld (old movie) or a badly done corpse . He’s right! Thanks to the course I’d taken at Big Picture Studios, I’m Embracing Imperfection. 😉

Thanks for stopping by.

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>Take me to the ocean…

>This journal page came together in the strangest way.

I’d been wanting to do a page about the beach/ocean for some time now. I grew up one mile from the beach. Now I’m over an hour away and don’t get there often. I’m not one to lay in the sun, I just like to ‘be’. Day or night it really doesn’t matter. There’s just something about the enormity of the sky and sea meeting.  It’s the place that can make me still and quiet inside.

During my daily travels, I ended up at The Scrappy Tree. They have an Art Journal Friday Challenge. This week it was simply to use orange, purple and/or gold in honor of summer. I took a mental note and…omg… it stuck!!

Tee did a background demo that inspired me at Green Isle Crafts.

Bare with me, I’m getting there…. I’d also signed up to follow a free class at Strathmore Studios (the art paper people) The class involves using your old art to make new. I don’t really have much to pick from, I just printed a few of my past journal pages, ripped and tore, and made the waves.

I used some Glimmer Mist, some Stickles, Punchenilla, acryilic paint, and even a few stamps.

I’d written a few keywords on a post-it that came to me while working. Those turned into the journaling/poem of sorts. I wrote on a piece of transparency and hit the back of it with some white paint.

If you click on the picture it will enlarge, but you probably won’t be able to read the words. (Unless your Daddy was a Doctor and you’re much younger than me.) Here they are….

Take me to the Ocean, take me to the sea

Let me close my eyes, let me breath deeply.

I listen to the surf, it’s like she’s breathing too.

I’m connected to the universe, all my pain is gone

I see how small my troubles are, I feel at one with you.

Take me to the Ocean take me to the sea

That is where I need to go when I need to find me.

This really was a blast to work on. It touched me in so many ways.

I can’t thank all the bloggers, group owners, videographers and others out there, who share their ideas and techniques. I’ve really picked up a lot since I started this whole art journal thing in January. Thanks Julie!!

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>Worrying does not..

I don’t know who to credit for this quote. I do remember copying it off of a poster, that was in a photo, on Karenika’s blog. (strange memory, eh?)

I touched me enough that I did copy it. That was about a year ago. I finally got around to doing something with it.

As part of my AJED inspired by Wild Precious, I used a background I’d created that kept begging me to do something with it. It was made with acrylic paint, the stamp I’d made in honor of my baby Belle.

I enjoyed doing the Patterns around the edge. Just watched tv, relazed and went with it. I kinda like the way it came together. I may still add a few touches.

I do need to try to either get my lettering in a straight line, or an obviously crooked one. Crooked would probably be easier, for me.

So what have you been up to?

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>Scrapping the Music

>I’ve found this fun new site Scrapping the Music! I like that idea.

This week the challenge was “Good Days,” by Alain Clark. I wasn’t familar with the song, but they have the audio and the full lyrics posted

Here’s my interpetation. More like a scrap page than an altered journal page. Hey I like to mix it up!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful day!

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