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>A bunch of stuff!

>This page was done for a prompt at Wild Precious in combination with several prompts at Green Isles Crafts
I never know which way my brain is going to go. I just write the prompts down on a post-it and let things flow.

This one started as another for Wild Precious for stenciling. I wasn’t happy with it. I added a ton of paint. Used some potty paper tubes for stamps added a tad of this a tad of that.
Voila! An ATC background page! Which just happened to be another prompt. (always kill as many birds as you can with the same stone.)

In other news, Teesha from Green Isles Crafts, is giving away a scholarship for her most awesome workshop on how to make a Rustic Journal!!
  Click here to go to her blog for the details and watch a teaser video! Good luck!
Oh and BTW, no birds were harmed in the making of this post or pages. 😉
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>Friday Finds

>I don’t usually post about giveaways, heck I rarely even post in them. Today though I found a couple of great ones.

My friend Pinky, that I met 3 years ago on a flight to Paris (just kidding, its a Facebook thing, but giveaway is real) she’s giving away a  D-Stress from Imaginisce  Any of you that have read my blog know that I stalk follow Pinky and I’m a big fan.

All ya gotta do is pop over and leave a comment and share the news about the giveaway to enter. Take a look around her blog, she does awesome work! Tell her Scatter sent ya!!


There’s another giveaway I found via Pinky’s blog. (are you seeing a theme here) Clear Scraps is giving away a clear butterfy album 
If you enter, and tell ’em Scatter sent you, we could both win! How cool is that! I’ve only made one clear album. After looking through their site, I see more in my future.
There’s also the most awesome tutorial there for how to make the most awesome butterflies, out of a acrylic, StayOn ink, a stamp and a heat gun!! I’m gonna be all over that!
Even if you don’t enter the giveaways, I know you’ll get a lot of great ideas and tips from both of these blogs. And I ain’t just saying that! I never recommend anything/anyplace that I wouldn’t use myself!

Scattered Thoughts

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