>Rare Redux


The layout in the previous post has been haunting me. I wish I’d been wearing something blue. The red sticks out like a sore thumb, so I had to bring in some touches of red to make it look like it belonged. I also used some pearl fabric paint, to make the scrolls. They’re on transparency, super easy to do. The butterflys are punched out of paper, then a stamp on transparency, folded, and hit with a heat gun to set.

This is another page for my Art Journal. It’s my first gel medium transfer. I wish it had come out a little darker, and the photo makes it disappear even more. It was fun though, and you can bet I’ll be doing more of the technique. Practice makes better. 😉

The image I transferred is of two people riding a winged horse. If you’d like to see the original image I used, it’s the second image in this post Karen, at The Graphics Fairy, has tons of amazing images to share!!
Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know, do you see the Blogger icon in your address bar, or little Belle?  And what browser are you using. Thanks a mill!

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